Client Testimonials 

“It’s with great delight, pleasure & excitement, thanks to Nicola, I can now say the following! After approx. 49yrs, of letters, phone calls, tv appearance, & any other communication I could find, Nicola found my childhood friend Edward within 10 minutes of telling her the story. I have now sent him photos of himself as a child, I knew he wouldn’t have, & had a telephone conversation as well. His family in Bolton has been told. So to say I am euphoric is an understatement! Thank you, Nicola. Xx

– Jean R

“I approached Nicola to help me find an old friend. Within a week I was given contact details and I finally got to speak to her after over 40 years. It was like the years had not happened when we got back in touch.”

Julie B

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“Nicola researched my husband’s family history as a surprise Christmas gift. It was an emotional experience and Nicola showed compassion, patience, and care at every stage of the process. I was kept informed at every stage and her genuine passion and enthusiasm came through at all times and was very infectious. To see my husband’s face when he opened this gift was priceless. He has shared it with so many people, and it has given him a great sense of peace and pride. The information provided has more than exceeded my expectations. There is so much detail, with guides to help with further research.

This was a truly personal service that I would recommend to anyone.
Many thanks”


“Had some family history researched by Nicola. Can I just say this lady is fantastic! Very fast, very efficient & very very good at her job! If you want your family tree researching or a lost friend-finding, contact Nicola. All done in a supportive, understanding, and professional manner! Highly recommended!”

Phil Grimshaw

“Nicola delivered our family tree today; what a fantastic job she’s done. She’s gone back on both sides of the family to the 1700’s and unbelievably she has found a book written 100 yrs ago that not only details the activities of my family, but has pictures of them too. I’m thrilled and can’t recommend getting your family tree done highly enough”

Penny D

“These are things you see on TV – it’s never actually yourself. It was amazing, a mixture of all sorts of emotions. Even though I had no idea what she looked like, as soon as I saw her, I knew who she was.

It’s lovely

I do have a family now, even if they are in Manchester and support Manchester United. Nobody’s perfect!”

– Jim

“She does what it says on the tin. Gets the job done. Lost family found. Enough said”

(Client chose to remain anonymous)

“I can’t thank Nicola enough for starting the ball rolling for us. I can’t imagine life without Lisa and I’m sure Nicola will be able to help many more in our situation. She’s a lovely lady, very friendly and approachable and has a wealth of life experience and I wish her well.”

Pauline Barton

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“I had just turned 40 and a close friend had died suddenly. My mum had died the year before and I suddenly was struck with how short life is and I decided to track down my missing siblings.

I’ve got a big brother now, and though it’s not always easy, I just love him.”