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Finder Guru Family Finders Return WW2 Photo of Eric Molyneux To His Son


Family Finders Track Down Family of WW2 Serviceman And Return Photograph

Despite this photograph being taken during WW2 in New York, we have successfully tracked down the next of kin of Eric Molyneux and returned the photograph to his Son in England. Our family finder skills can be used for so much good.

Chief Petty Officer, William Eric Molyneux was born in 1914 in Wallasey. He was a married man with a young Son when this photo was taken. In New York for only one weekend, as he was in between ‘diesel engine school’ and heading to Seattle. Little did he know, that 80 years later, a team of Family Finders would be tracking down his family to reunite them with this piece of their family history.




The notes on the photograph describe Eric as liking darts and swimming. A merchant navy man in ‘civvy’ life.

We tracked down his Son Sidney, who has stayed true to his Wallasey roots, and this is what he told about his Dads life.

My Dad was a twin. His twin was Sidney. Only 4 years after they were born their Dad died of Consumption in 1918. Because he was a Policeman, the Police Orphanage took them in when their Mum couldn’t manage. When she remarried a few years later the twins went back to live with her. The twins were really close.
My Uncle Sidney was killed in action in Italy in 1944. My Dad named me after Uncle Sidney.
Dad was in the Merchant Navy before WW2, but quickly transferred to the Royal Navy Reserves and worked on reconnaissance ships for minefields in the Atlantic.  When the war was over, he returned to the merchant navy working in the engine rooms.
Dad finished his work life at Cammel Lairds at Birkenhead, where they still build and repair ships to this day.
He passed away in 1995.
Thanks again for reuniting myself and so many others with family photos. Keep up the good work. Sid.
family-finders- cammel-laird-history

Eric Molyneux taken at Cammel Lairds

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