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Find An Old Friend

We are often asked if we can help someone to find an old friend. When Julie approached us because she wanted to find an old playmate, she asked  “Can you find someone with no last name?”

It really isn’t unusual for people to want to find an old friend. Julies case was a little more complicated with no surname at all, but there is a reason that professional friend finders exist- we know how to look!

Finding Julies Old Friend

When she was very young, Julie would often play out with Della, a girl who lived in another house on her street. Although she wanted to find her, there was a big problem, Julie didn’t know Della’s surname. Or the house number she lived at. In fact, all she knew was the first name of Della’s Mother. It had been over 40 years since Julie had seen her.

Unsure of which school Della went to, or any other details that might have helped, Julie was getting nowhere with social media searches. All the usual friend finder web pages and internet requests had failed. Even the then popular site for connecting old friends, Friends Reunited hadn’t come up trumps. Knocking on doors on the street had not given her any clues. A long time had passed. Was it too late??


No, it wasn’t.  We found Della in just a few days. So, can we find someone with no last name? Yes. Yes we can.


You may feel you don’t have enough information to search for someone, but we can do a lot with a little. If you want to find an old friend contact us