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Free Home DNA test kits- Determining a Relationship.


How we use them in our work and how you can get one FREE


free-dna-kit testWhilst a home DNA kit test is not the type to use in any legal disputes, they certainly have a place in determining if someone is related to you closely. Paving the way for the decision as to whether to go for a clinical test

As family finders, we often use them to help with our long lost family cases. Each individual case is assessed on its merit, however, we do suggest or provide DNA testing kits in  certain cases to provide clarity. We always have several in stock.

Recently, I decided to experiment some more with the efficiency of these kits within my own family. Myself, my Son, his Father and my Half-Sister all took a same brand test.

Using my Son’s results as the corroborating one ( he is the only one related to EVERYONE) we checked just exactly how accurate the tests were.

It is no surprise that the test revealed who his Father and Mother were. They also listed his Half Aunt as closely related, with suggestions as to how this close DNA match could be played out within the family. His Half-Aunt ( we hate calling her half anything!!!) was recorded as a possible 1st Cousin, or Great Aunt. The DNA link between them, being within this range of relatives, which also included a Great Grandparent.

My results showed my Half Sister as a likely Aunt, Niece, or Half-Sister. Likewise, her relation to me was listed as the same.

So, thumbs up from us with regards to this home testing kit to establish relationships within a close family range.


We used this method to confirm the end result of an extensive research case with *Alice* who had a historical and complicated parentage matter. Read her story here

DNA testing for legal purposes, must be done in an entirely different manner. With test subjects taking tests under supervision, at a neutral premises. Each test is then closely monitored to prevent tampering and cross contamination. The identity of the people giving the samples is scrutinised and double checked. There are check and recheck procedures resulting in an admissible in a court of law certification of your relationship with the other person being tested.

There is no doubt that for a ‘peace of mind’ result, or just an indication of whether to go ahead with legal testing, a home DNA kit can be very successful.

However there can be flawed results if there are identical twins in the family or anyone that is a Human Chimera.

Whilst being a Human Chimera is a rare occurrence , there are several recorded medical cases of this. Particularly highlighted in paternity cases, included the case of Lydia- who was accused of abducting her own children.

A Human Chimera has 2 DNA profiles. Believed most commonly to be the result of one fraternal twin absorbing the other in the womb- therefore also taking on that DNA profile.

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