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Alans Story.

When I was a youngster, I used to work with Carol at a cafe in 1964. I had a crush on her but never did anything about it. Carol left the place of work and that was that.
I got on with life, married, and had children. Things didn’t work out with my marriage and life moved on. I got into my late 60’s and I still thought about Carol and wondered how she was. I spoke to my Daughter and she encouraged me to find her but we had no idea where to start.
My Daughter asked Nicola to find Carol. Nicola was happy to help but she had a chat with me about what I was expecting to happen and said that sometimes things might not work out the way you want. She made it clear that if Carol didn’t want to be in touch with me she would not give me her details, but she did give Carol my number and not long after she rang me.
I cannot tell you how amazing it was when she got in touch with me after all those years. I had butterflies when we met up for the first time.
Carol and I have been in a relationship for 9 years now. I am in my late 70’s with my Lovely Lady by my side.
If you are thinking about looking for someone, don’t be frightened. I would always have been wondering and regretted not looking. I thought I was too old for love. I was wrong.


Carols story

I got a phone call one evening from a Lady who said she was trying to locate someone who used to go by my maiden name and worked at Collinsons Cafe on Knowlsey Street in Bolton. It was many years since I had gone by that name or even worked there.
She was polite and assured me there was nothing to be worried about, and that a Gentleman I used to work with back then really wanted to get in touch.
It came as a bit of a surprise as it had been over 50 years since we worked together!. Not only that but I had also changed my surname twice since then, It’s amazing that she found me. Nicola reassured me she would not pass on my telephone number if I didn’t feel comfortable with that.
She gave me his telephone number and left the decision up to me, saying only she would call back in a couple of weeks to see how I felt about it then, and to answer any questions I had. It was great that she didn’t try and push me into anything, and gave me space to have a think. She gave me her number in case I wanted to get in touch with her at any time.
Within a couple of days, I decided I would ring him. We shared a lot of phone calls and did a lot of catching up.
We met up quite quickly and a romantic relationship developed. Nicola came out for a meal with us one evening a few months into our relationship to celebrate.
We are now 9 years into this relationship and have shared so many great times together and with our families. I am 75 now and life would have been very different If we hadn’t met up again.
If I were to offer advice to anyone that receives a letter or a call from Nicola, it would be to just be open to possibility. Hear her out, she is very supportive.



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