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WW2 Peter Pitman- HMS Dasher

Peter Eric Victor Pitman was a young man cut down in his prime when the HMS Dasher was devastated by a massive internal explosion whilst sailing on the Firth of Clyde. Now we are looking for his next of kin.

Of 528 crewmen aboard, 379 were killed – despite the best efforts of those manning life boats from nearby Brodick and Ardrossan. We can only imagine the desperate attempts those lifeboats made and the things those on board them witnessed.

The 2nd page of an extraordinary WW2 photograph album contains a picture of Petty Officer Pitman, standing outside the home of the Casey family in New York. A family that took 150 photographs of Commonwealth Servicemen that enjoyed their hospitality.


peter pitman hms dasher

Charming notes written by Eleanor Casey, reveal details about Peter Pitman that give us insight into his life, and life in the 1940’s.


Peter apparently, smoked too much. His love of smoking matched by his love of music and dancing. He played a good game of tennis and played badminton with the family during his visits.

Eleanor notes “we are very fond of Peter”, which indicates the personal investment the family made into the servicemen that passed through their home.

Having compiled Peter Pitman’s family tree using  Find My Past    we now know we need this article to be circulated in Ashford, Cradley heath, Dorking and also in Bergen, Norway. We wish to send Peter’s family a copy of the photograph and the page of notes about him from the album.

People of Interest In Norway- Kristina Dahm – Daughter of Josephine Dahm nee Pitman and Claudius Dahm. Both of whom died in Bergen In Norway. Kristina Dahm or her descendants are the the Next of Kin of Peter Pitman.

The Casey Project works to reunite the photographs contained in the album with the next of kin. We do this entirely voluntarily and with no funds. You can help us by liking our Facebook Page Here and inviting your friends to like it too. This means we have more people to help us. You can also share article using the social share tabs on this page.

Full List of the 150 Servicemen Here Check it for YOUR relatives!

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This page will be updated fully with all documents and information once the family have been in touch.