Who Refers To Us And Why

There is no doubt that people who have used us themselves for personal searches go on to recommend us to other people to find their loved ones.

Increasingly, however, we have referrals from businesses, organisations, and charities who feel that we can help one of their clients.
The truth is that our skills encompass so many areas of life that we can help with many things you may not have considered.


They understand the complexity of the emotions around many issues associated with no having ‘answers’ about family. They then go on to fully support their clients whilst we do the searching. This ‘teamwork’ means the client gets some closure whilst their emotional needs are supported.

Funeral Directors

When people decide to make arrangements for their own, or a loved one’s funeral, there are often people that need to be traced. Trying to track people down whilst you are grieving for a loved one is another responsibility that we can shoulder instead.

Hospices & Hospitals

Often people coming to their end of life have sensitive issues with the past that they want to resolve before their time comes to an end. Health professionals will always tell you that nobody talks about wishing they had made more money or had more things. They will often wish that things could be resolved with people they care about though. Our most sensitive of searches, carried out with the utmost respect and speed.

Will Writers

When someone makes a will- Will Writers are now asking “Is there anyone named as a beneficiary or Executor that you do not know the whereabouts of? “. Finding them now makes it so much easier later on!

Probate solicitors

To track down Next of Kin or named Beneficiaries or Executors.

Mental Health Charities

It is absolutely no secret that some issues with absent family, can and do cause pain that we can work to resolve, alongside appropriate counselling.

Homeless Charities

Many people that have fallen into homelessness, have lost all contact with their families.

Bridal shops & Wedding Planners

They are often told that their client wishes someone could be there on their big day.

If you work in any organisation that believes we can help to support someone you represent, get in touch