The Casey Project

During WW2, civilians across the globe were encouraged to be hospitable towards allied troops. Providing R&R and some home comforts were embraced by everyone who could help.

One particular family in America went to great lengths to welcome British servicemen. Amazingly, they documented over 150 of them in a photograph album.

Royal Navy, RNVR, Merchant Navy, Fleet Air Arm, and RAF personnel all feature with a photograph and some notes about each man. The Casey family of New York had unwittingly created a unique and heartwarming peek into the lives of the men behind the uniforms. They corresponded with some of them for years afterward, even sending clothing parcels to the Wives and Children of the men they photographed. They were, and still are, a truly wonderful family.

A Gentleman in Blackburn, England, called Barrie Holden, came across some notes and correspondence in his Father’s belongings. He contacted a history society in Douglastown, New York and was put in touch with Patsy Cox. The Daughter of Eleanor Casey, the album’s creator.

Patsy sent the extraordinary album over to England and within it, Barrie found his Father’s photograph. Barrie dedicated himself to finding more of these men’s relatives.

Fast forward 2 years. Barrie has made a valiant effort to locate several family members using a subscription he has to a family tree building site. This line of enquiry has now been exhausted and earlier in 2020, Barrie approached a genealogy magazine with an appeal to find the remaining families.

Step forward ourselves, and a wonderful historian in Pershore, Worcestershire – Gloria Winfield.

Gloria and Nicola have now taken on the challenge, Barrie deserves a break!

Both Nicola and Gloria are keen Genealogists, Nicola is particularly skilled in locating people and Gloria in Military Research. Despite never having met each other, they fell into an extraordinary partnership which has seen many more sailors’ or their families located.
Their search so far has involved people in Norway, France, New Zealand, India, Australia, Canada and Great Britain.

The Casey Project, is our mission to get these men’s photographs back to their families. And not just any family member. To their next of kin. Some have never seen a picture of their relative before.

Many of these men never made it home. These photographs could be the last ones ever taken of them. Poignant reminders of the sacrifice they made.
Collaborating with their families, local history societies, newspapers and businesses in their hometowns, we will make sure they are honoured.
We will remember them.

This project is entirely voluntary and Nicola incurs daily costs for postage, purchasing certificates, buying will and probate records and various other expenses to complete this mission. In addition we have spent several hundred unpaid hours already in research. Please bear this in mind when contacting us about this project. Our paid work has to be a priority or we will be unable to continue to fund The Casey Project. It may take us a while to respond to you.

If you or your company wish to help sponsor the search, or you can simply help us to publicise it on your own social media channels, get in touch to find out how. Simply message us via our contact page and write The Casey Project in the reference box.

Believe us when we say it feels amazing to bring these men home, take a look at some of the photographs and comments from their families.

Do you recognise any of these names?

Edward Adams, Balham
Leslie Ambler, Leeds
Vernon Ashbolt, New Zealand
Jack Alan Ayliffe, Upton Park
John Baker, Headington
Dennis Bark, Colchester
Terence Bartram, Redcar
Alan Beeson, Andover
Frank Beetham, Preston
Herbert Belyard, Purfleet
H. M. J. Bestwick, Loughborough
Guy Blackburn, Brough
Leslie Blair, Farnsworth
Geoffrey Boulton, Newton Park
R. N. C. Bowen, London E18
Peter Bradley, Kilburn
Roy Breaks, Cleckheaton
Alfred Brearley, Halifax
Denis Brown, Bridgeford
Kenneth Brown, South Wanstead
Gair Buchan, Purley
William Caley, Parke Parade
Harry Calland, Kirkham
James Carlin, Wishaw
Edwin Carre, Warrington
Philip W. Cawte, Cardiff
Gilbert Christie, Pasley
Jack Claridge, Lymington
Donald H. Clark, Western-super-Mare
Peter Clipstone, Charlesdone
Dennis Colcombe, Sul
Reginald Cooper, Angus
Brian R. Corlett, West Derby
Trevor Cox, New Zealand
Alex Craig, Glasgow
Douglas H. Crampton, Liverpool
John Currie, Glasgow
Roland Dandson, Morden
Johnny Davis, Everton
Kenneth Dawson, Stockport
Arthur Ebert, Staines
Norman Ellis, Huddersfield
William Eltringham, Gateshead
Desmond Finn, St. Helens
Gerald Foley, Coventry
Stanley Freegard, Queens Ferry
William Gadsby, Stockport
Arthur Gamlin, Torterdown
Stanley Gardner Jn., Brighton
Walter E. Gorey, Gosport
James Goss, Clifton
Joe Gregson, Little Harwood
George Gurr, London
Jack Halsall, Penwortham
S. S. Hancock, Bradford
Alfred Harling, Durham
Norman Harrison, Camberwell
Geoffrey Hawksworth, Wanstead
James Heath, Kilbirnie
Keith Heil, Herfield
Donald E. Henderson, Bermuda
Tom Hibbert, Burwell
David Hill, Plumstead
Eric Holden
John Hopper, East Lothian
Frank Hounsell, Swansea
John A, C. Howard, Crosby
Jack Howarth, Lowestoft
Thomas Hudson, Northallerton
Edward (Ted) Hudson, Birmingham
Taffey Hughs, Wrexham
Tom Ireland, Reading
George Jefferson, Newcastle
Walter Jenking, Holywell
Edward Johnson, Grasscroft
Dennis Jones, Middleton
Frank Jones, Blaby
Donald Kendall, Ripon
Alex Kershaw, Prestwich
W. T. Lack, Huntingdon
Jack Langford, Cambridge
Douglas MacArthur, Campletown
Victor Macsorley, Sterling
Harry Marsh
Fred Mathews, Plymouth
Jim McDonald, Portsmouth
Robert McEwan, Paisley
John McNair, Paisley
James Mitcelmore, Plymouth
John Mitchell, Rosshive
Eric Molyneux, Wallasing
Ronald Morris, Llandudno
George Mulhaney, Stockport
Eric A. Murrell, Colwyn Bay
Christopher Parkes, Pemberton
W.G. C. Penrose, Cork
Edward J. Petty, Watford
Peter Pitman, Llandaff
George Porter, Rhonda
Leslie Power, Paris
Richmond Proctor, Kettering
Tom Prolerin, Coventry
John Radge, Grimsby
Frank Reid, Corby
G. Reneham, Harpurhey
Kenneth Richardson, Leicester
David Riddell, Newcastle
Dennis W. Riley, Buxton
John Ritchie, Kirkaldy
Owen Roe, Rugby
Norman Rogers, Thornton Heath
Tom Ryder, Great Bar
J. Charles Saigeman, Chichester
Geoffrey Salt, Stafford
Peter Saunders, Woodborough
Stanley Savil,l Chengerd
J. D. Sharpe, Peterborough
Fred Silk, Canterbury
Jack Simpson, Sheffield
Cyril Simpson, Boston
Fred Simpson, Marton
Harry Sladen, Rosyth
Leonard G. Small, Stapleton
Harry Smith, Bolton
Arthur W. Smith, Farnham
Roy N. Smith, Aspley
Norman Smith, Newcastle
Vincent Smyth, Dublin
Jack Stopford, Droylesden
Trevellyan Thomas, Buckhurst Hill
Alex Thomas, Langley
Colin Thompson, Stockport
Jack Thompson Shaw, Oldham
Harry Tongue, Birmingham
Gordon Tonks, Bromsgrove
Jack Underwood, Angus
Edward Venn, Stoke
Stanley Wade, Blackpool
D. A. N. Wade, Penarth
Victor Waits, Crayford
Hubert Warrick, Reding
David Warwick, Wellington
Ronald Whatsley, Winpleton
Jack E. White, Brighton
Albert Whiting, Farnborough
James S. Windsor, Dumfries
Fred Wovel, Gosport
Douglas L. M. Wright, Leslie
Norman Young, Skegness
Kenneth Young, Watford
Jimmy Young-Jamieson, Bodmin

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If you or your company wish to help sponsor the search, or you can simply help us to publicise it on your own social media channels, get in touch to find out how. Simply message us via our contact page and write The Casey Project in the reference box.

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