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How To Find Where Someone Is Buried FREE

find out where someone is buried free

Hythe Church. Credit to Photo by Martin Drew on Unsplash


There are so many reasons why you might need or want to know where someone is buried. As Genealogists and Private investigators we often need to do this to move forward in a case or to help with our own personal family research. We thought we would put together some tips for you to see if you can find where someone is buried free or charge.


How we approach things for a client, and how we approach things for our own reasons, can be, and should be different. Most of our clients require discreet, fast results, therefore we pay to get official documents and get things done accurately and quickly. If however, your time is abundant, and you can afford to wait for information and sometimes make mistakes-then you can find out things for free. Please be realistic about how much time you will need to devote to this method, and understand that you need to be patient. We must point out here, that if you use this method and do not obtain any official documentation to verify your research…it cannot be proved to be accurate.

We have an extensive list of websites that we use to obtain information, so we had a look through to see which ones were completely free of charge. No subscriptions, no membership fee, no pay per view, not a single penny.


8 Tips To Find Where Someone Is Buried

In order to know where someone is buried, you need to know when they died and which area the death was registered in. Providing you have this information you can go ahead and research the burial.


find out where someone is buried free

Lindisfarne, Taken by my beautiful friend Claire Leah. Thank you x

1- Ask a family member

2- Google search inserting the persons name into speech marks and follow with the word obituary – “persons name” obituary .  You can also add a place name or even the year of birth/death to try and get a more accurate search result. This should hopefully bring up any archived newspaper obituaries. These are valuable research tools so print them off when you find them. They often list the funeral director or place of service which will lead you to the place of burial.

3-If the death was after around the year 2000- ( when online obituary sites  become more common) the search these websites to see if the person you are researching is listed.

Funeral Guide

Funeral Notices

4- If you have managed, by the above methods to find out the funeral director- email and ask them if they can tell you where the person was interred. If they cannot, then email the local council bereavement team by checking Google.    Give them the persons date of birth and death, and ask if they can tell you where the person is buried. Do not ring these places, they are very busy. Email them and be patient. This is something for nothing and they have other jobs to do.

5- Remember this method will only tell you where the person is buried- as in, which cemetery. Do not expect to be given an exact plot number or location- accurate burial records are usually chargeable. Yes by all means- ask, very politely. But absolutely do not expect this. You will not be the only one trying to find out where someone was buried free of charge.

6- Be aware that private cemeteries which are owned and operated by small independent churches are not governed by the local councils- if the council have no record- you must then email every private burial ground in the area too.

7- Check on Find A Grave as there may be a register of the burial or even a photograph of the tombstone.

8- Get yourself to the cemetery and walk round until you find what you are looking for, If you are local and fit enough then this is a great option. If not, pay for the burial records and get someone to take a photo. There is a photo exchange service on Find A Grave. You can see requests for photos in your local area and fulfil them, and you can put out your own requests. Again, be patient. The requests can be on for years. This is a bit like giving blood- if you are happy to have it donated, be prepared to give it if you can.

find out where someone is buried free

Image by Photo by K. Mitch Hodge on Unsplash Thank You

These are our top 8 FREE search tips for how to find where someone is buried. If you need some family research doing then get in Get In Touch With Us for a quote. If you need to locate someone alive or dead we can help. If your time is limited and valuable, then pay an expert.

I just wish I had done this sooner, so many hours I spent trying to do it for free, it was consuming my spare time and was a false economy. Nicola found the grave for me, went and laid flowers and took photos, and pops back when I ask her to for Birthdays and Mothers Day etc. Obtaining the original burial records opened the door to so much more information about my family. Instead of hours of research I simply did a few hours overtime and Nicola did it all for me far more quickly than I ever would have. If I am ever in the area I will be able to lay flowers for Grandma myself, until then, I know Nicola will look after her. AJ


find out where someone is buried free uk

Walter Hagan, died during the battle of Dunkirk. His Son Walter is pictured here with him. RIP Sir. Thank You to my friend Joseph for this picture of his Father.

Many of you know we do an awful lot of work with the armed forces, in particular

we reunite photographs taken during WW2 with their next of kin. Find out more HERE

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